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Below are general course descriptions taken from the MSU Schedule of Courses. Students should consult the specific syllabus provided by their instructor for additional information (click on course number for the MSU Schedule of Courses).

BS 161

  • Macromolecular synthesis. Energy metabolism. Molecular aspects of development. Molecular genetics.

BS 162

  • Biological diversity and organismal biology. Principles of evolution, transmission genetics, population biology, community structure, ecology.

BS 171

  • Principles and applications of common techniques used in cell and molecular biology.

BS 172

  • Nature and process of organismal biology including experimental design, statistical methods, hypothesis testing in genetics, ecology, and evolution.

BS 181H

  • Physicochemical and molecular organization of cells as the unifying framework for genetics, evolution, and the social relevance of biology.

BS 182H

  • Diversity and basic properties of organisms, with emphasis on genetic principles, ecological interactions, and the evolutionary process. Historical approach to knowledge discovery.

BS 191H

  • Basic techniques of cellular and molecular biology including experimental design and hypothesis formulation; biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics.

BS 192H

  • Nature and process of organismal biology, including experimental design and statistical methods, hypothesis testing, genetics, ecology, and evolution.